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Attune Announces New BOP Product, Partnerships

Attune Insurance Services, LLC (“Attune”) today announced the launch of a new Businessowners’ Policy with Accredited Surety and Casualty Company, Inc. (“Accredited”) serving as the carrier. The Businessowners’ Policy product written on Accredited paper is backed by a panel of reinsurers led by TransRe.

Attune’s new BOP+ Businessowners’ Policy adds 135 new classes, additional coverages, and expanded underwriting appetite, offering Attune brokers the ability to serve even more small businesses in their communities with the same speed and ease they have come to expect from the Attune platform.  

“Our technology enables a frictionless experience for brokers to serve their small business customers in a matter of minutes with tailored products, and this partnership enables us to provide additional coverage options to our customers. We’re excited to launch a new version of our BOP product and to build additional products in the future with the Accredited and TransRe teams,” Attune’s CEO James Hobson added.

Attune will  roll out its new BOP+ Businessowners’ Policy to its customers over the coming months.

“Attune is a dynamic and growing technology-driven General Agent (GA). We are pleased to be their partner for this next stage of their business evolution. Accredited has a growing pipeline of new partnerships for 2020, and we are excited to be delivering on our mission to be the program underwriter of choice for US MGAs, MGUs, program owners, and their capital partners,” Todd Campbell, President and CEO of Accredited, commented.

Ken Brandt, TransRe’s Global President of Underwriting Operations, commented.

“Attune uses data and technology to underwrite risks in a new way. We are pleased they chose us to partner with them, and we look forward to working with Attune to help them meet and exceed their goals.”

Building off its $100M premium year in 2019, Attune plans to bring additional class eligibility, technology enhancements, and new insurance products to its customers this year.

“We're excited to update the entire Attune community about what’s coming later in the year,” Hobson added.