Small Business Workers' Compensation in Five Minutes

Attune's Workers' Compensation (EverPeak™ built by Pinnacol) policies protect small business employees from work-related injuries including slips, falls, lacerations, and muscle strains.  Policies cover all reasonable and necessary medical treatment as well as lost wages. Most states mandate businesses to provide Workers’ Compensation insurance. With Attune, it only takes a matter of seconds from quote to bind.


Our new Workers' Compensation brings an expanded appetite and the speed and simplicity you’ll only find with our portal. Get access to more coverage for small business commercial classes, including:


Manufacturers of products such as food, clothing, carpet, leather, and paper products

Hospitality and Entertainment

Top classes include hotels and motels, bed and breakfasts, country clubs, restaurants, food trucks, and casual dining

Professional Services

Accountants, day spas, barbers, law firms, printers, libraries, and engineers are top classes

Medical Services

Dentists, optometrists, psychologists, and physicians, not including rehab clinics, hospitals, or emergency room services


Clothing stores, electronic and cell phone stores, florists, and more are in our preferred classes

Automotive Services

Auto repair, service centers, gas stations, and automobile manufacturing, such as wheel, radiator, and engine

Our Partners

Attune is proud to offer you EverPeak Workers’ Compensation Insurance!
EverPeak was built by Pinnacol, a top-rated provider of workers’ compensation. Pinnacol has been at the forefront of protecting, understanding and caring for businesses and workers for over 100 years.


  • Underwriting companies are AM Best A-rated for your financial protection
  • Over 500 straight through class codes
  • Get a quote in minutes, bind in seconds


  • Seamless online audit process 
  • Expert claims handling 
  • Maximum eligible premium of $25k (inclusive of taxes)
  • Risk with a bankruptcy that was discharged is eligible
  • Employers Liability limits of $100k/$500k/$100k. Increased Employers Liability Limits are available as follows: $500k/$500k/$500k or $1M/$1M/$1M


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Do More with Less on the Attune Portal.

We make finding what business is in appetite and servicing your policy easier than ever before, including auto-renewal and paperless direct billing

• Direct access with absolutely zero production requirements 
• Competitive commission
• Instant decisions—5 minutes from quote to bind
• Paperless application – no ACORD forms needed, ever
• Direct, online billing, and autopay
• Live customer support via chat and phone call 
• Automatic renewals