Small Commercial BOPs that Are Faster, Simpler, and Hassle-Freer

Your small commercial clients have a home at Attune. We’re an admitted small commercial market built to get business off your desk and on the books, pronto. A business owners policy bundles together basic required coverages so you can offer your customers a lower premium. 

Looking for customizable and comprehensive coverage options? Here is a partial summary – for complete details check out a sample policy or contact our Customer Care Team:

  • Businessowners Policy - Property or General Liability
  • Crime
  • Employee benefits liability
  • Employment-related practices liability
  • Data response and cyber liability coverage
  • Liquor liability coverage
  • Food contamination
  • Equipment breakdown coverage
  • Terrorism coverage


Our BOP offers an expanded appetite with the speed and simplicity you’ll only find in our portal. Get access to more coverages for 480 small business commercial classes, including:

Artisan Makers

Allows you to write craft workers who make and sell finished products to customers either through e-commerce or off-premise facilities. New ventures are eligible, and locations can be up to 50,000 square feet.

Professional Services (Offices)

Provides coverage to a wide range of professional service office classes, including accountants, doctors, insurance agents, law offices, and many others. Professional service applicants with annual sales of $20M per account and $10M per location are eligible.

Processing and Service

Covers a wide range of processing and service classes ranging from barbershops to nail salons, pet groomers to printers. Processing and service applicants with annual sales of $20M per account and $10M per location are eligible.

Retail & Wholesale Distributors

We write many traditional retailers and wholesalers. Our retail appetite broadly covers ISO-available classes from clothing to drugstores, florists and more. New ventures are eligible, and locations can be up to 50,000 square feet.


Covers contractors in industries from the foundation up, including telecommunications and septic tanks, and everything in between. Highlights include up to $2 million in revenue, $1 million in payroll, and no more than 30% in subcontracted work.


We are a market for restaurants from cafes to donut shops to fine dining establishments. We offer liquor liability to eligible businesses with up to 50% liquor sales.

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Quick Edit in Real Time

Make quick edits to an existing quote and see real-time updates. So you can close more business, faster.

Stop Gap

Stop Gap coverage extends the General Liability policy to provide a form of employers liability insurance for risks operating in monopolistic states, protecting business owners from lawsuits filed over workplace injuries. 

  • Available in the monopolistic states of North Dakota, Ohio, Wyoming 
  • Will be available in the state of Washington once we launch the program
  • Stop Gap provides coverage for legal fees that may be incurred when there’s a loss covered by the state-funded plan, which doesn’t cover legal fees for employers
  • Select the coverage in the quote flow and have it already included and priced in the quote

Hired and Non-Owned Auto (HNOA) for Select Restaurant Codes

  • Available for risks domiciled in PA, OH, OK, KS, NV, AZ, CO
  • For class codes 09211, 09201, 09651
  • Can be added on new business in the quote flow and on renewals by request to our Care team
  • Subject to questions that will be asked at the time of quote

Automatic AI

  • Attune’s Businessowners’ Policy will now automatically include our proprietary form B10 1 01 ADDITIONAL INSURED BY CONTRACT, AGREEMENT OR PERMIT to every policy sold
  • Available in all BOP eligible states (Exception: risks domiciled in New York)
  • Able to be removed upon request by our customer care team


  • Available in all states (and DC) except for Hawaii, Alaska, Minnesota and Washington State
  • New ventures are eligible
  • No limits on number of employees
  • Loss history: max three claims in the past five years, total incurred less than $20,000 (CAT claims are excluded from this qualifier)
  • $9.5M Total Insured Value (TIV) for the entire account and $4.75M per location TIV (dependent on location)
  • 100% insurance to Value (ITV) required for building and business personal property coverage (estimator available in the portal to assist on proper ITV evaluation)
  • The maximum floor area per location is limited to 10,000 square feet for restaurants and 50,000 square feet for all other classifications


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