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Three Attune Features Built to Make Your Life Easier

At Attune Insurance, we’re committed to making insurance as simple as it should be.

At Attune Insurance, we’re committed to making insurance as simple as it should be. Through broker discussions, industry research, and several iterations of our portal experience we created, what we believe to be, the best portal to get Businessowners', Workers' Compensation, and Excess Liability policies.

Over the last few months, we’ve invested our technology resources in adding or enhancing servicing features of the Attune Portal. Here are three features we believe will save you and your small business clients time.

Process mid-term policy changes directly.

One of the most requested product features we received since we launched the Attune Portal was the ability to process endorsements directly.

In minutes, you can process mid-term policy changes and endorsements for your clients’ scheduled or current Businessowners’ Policy right in the Attune Portal. You can add, remove, or process endorsements related to waivers of subrogation, additional insureds, DBA information, and mailing information. Once your endorsement is bound you can access policy documents directly from your client’s account page. Learn more.

Update contact information in minutes.

Now, more than ever, it’s important to ensure we have accurate contact information for your clients, and that we’re sending the correct information to the appropriate people at your agency.

In our BOP flow, you can customize policy correspondence such as renewals, invoicing, or policy cancellations. This ensures the correct people at your agency receive the information they need. You can also add, remove, and update this information for bound policies through the accounts page. Learn more.

Easily find and access BOP documents.

You can now access endorsements, including policy changes, invoices, and renewals directly in the Attune Portal. If your client or someone from your agency requests information on an Attune account, simply head to the account page, head to the upper right pane, and click the ‘view details’ button.

If your clients request their latest invoice, simply head to the Billing List section of our portal where you can see BOP account status, pay on behalf of your clients, and download invoices.

You can also access past invoices directly from your clients’ account page.

As we continue to work on portal enhancements that simplify your and your clients’ workflows, we’ll make sure to communicate these changes with you. If you have any questions or suggestions on how we can improve your Attune experience, please reach out to our Customer Care Team.

If you don’t have access to our portal and are interested in learning what Attune can do for you and your small business clients, connect with us.