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Introducing Cyber Insurance on the Attune Portal

Every password we set, tools we use, and network we access leaves us exposed and vulnerable to cyber threats.

Every password we set, tools we use, and network we access leaves us exposed and vulnerable to cyber threats. As small and midsize businesses become increasingly dependent on services and applications connected to the internet, they also become a larger target for cybercriminals looking to exploit vulnerabilities in their systems. With cyber risk on the rise, we are glad to announce the launch of Coalition’s Cyber Insurance on our platform, providing our brokers easy access to a comprehensive insurance product and security to small businesses.

Who is Coalition?

Founded in 2017 with a mission to solve cyber risk, Coalition is a leading provider of cyber insurance and security, combining comprehensive insurance and proactive cybersecurity tools to help businesses manage and mitigate cyber risk. Headquartered in San Francisco, Coalition's global team has employees based across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Portugal. Coalition acquired Attune in October 2021, building a shared vision for the future of insurance where technology can help businesses solve all kinds of risks. With the addition of Attune, Coalition becomes the world’s largest commercial insurtech company serving over 130,000 customers.

Why this partnership?

Attune’s focus is always the brokers, and we want to provide you with access to a full suite of products and digital tools that simplify the entire lifecycle of insurance. As we build our offering to become your one-stop-shop for small business insurance, we continue adding best-in-class insurance products, and Coalitions’ cyber insurance is one of those.

Backed with the financial security of Swiss Re Corporate Solutions, Lloyd's of London, and Argo Group (A+, A, and A- ratings, respectively, by A.M. Best), it provides companies with up to $15 million of cyber and technology insurance coverage in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

In addition to this, Coalition's cyber risk management platform provides automated security alerts, threat intelligence, expert guidance, and cybersecurity tools to help businesses remain resilient in cyberattacks.

By applying data and technology expertise to mitigate current and emerging risks, we are building the platform, knowledge, and capabilities to empower new digital brokers of the future.

Cyber Insurance Product Overview

Complete cyber protection

Coalition takes a unified approach to digital risk, supporting insureds before, during, and after security incidents with active monitoring, incident response, and comprehensive insurance.

Active monitoring

24/7 security monitoring and alerts. Their tools and team help secure an organization to prevent cyber incidents.

  • Instant Alerts ($10,000 value)
  • On-demand security support
  • Free and discounted security tools

Incident response

Speed is critical when responding to security incidents. Coalition is the only cyber insurance provider with a dedicated in-house cyber claims and incident response team.

  • Coalition Incident Response (CIR)
  • Coalition Claims

Comprehensive insurance to help one recover quickly

Coalition’s complete insurance policy helps your clients recover financially and operationally to get back to business.

  • Protect the value of the entire business (financial losses and liability)
  • Backed with the financial security of many of the world’s leading (re)insurers, including Swiss Re Corporate Solutions, Arch Insurance, and Lloyd’s of London

Insurance Coverage

Coalition found existing cyber insurance policies lacking, so they created their own. Full limits include enhanced business interruption cover, protection from cyber attacks, computer replacement coverage (an industry first—only available through Coalition), etc.

Who is covered?

Coalition’s Cyber  policy coverage extends to:

  • The company listed on the insurance policy
  • Any majority-owned subsidiaries of the insured company
  • Senior executives*
  • Employees*

*Senior executives and employees are covered so long as their actions are in the normal scope of a company's business operations.

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