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Why We Think You'll Love Us

A bit more on why we think you'll love working with Attune

We don’t just listen to our customers. It’s how we grew our company.

There are a lot of insurance solutions out there for insurance professionals, but there aren’t any like Attune. We want you to give us a try because we know you’ll love our experience.

Where we began.

In 2016, we started with one goal, to eliminate as much friction as possible in small business insurance. To achieve that goal, we knew we needed to build relationships with our brokers to create a portal they, and other insurance professionals wanted to use. Customer feedback is what laid the foundation we grew upon.

Where we are today.

One portal, three products, over 500 classes of business, thousands of relationships, tens of thousands of bound policies, a $100+ million premium year, and no end in sight. We believe we have the best portal out there, and we know others feel that way. Here’s what our customers are saying.

Where we’re headed.

As we ride off our $100 million premium year, we’re nowhere close to slowing down. We made improvements, including smarter and quicker underwriting decisions driven by data, improved self-service functionality, and overall better customer experiences. Every day we work to make the insurance experience even better.

Why we think you’ll love us.

It’s simple. We’re driven by technology, and human insights focused on helping insurance professionals, like yourself, and your clients thrive. Our goal of eliminating as much friction as possible in small business insurance hasn’t changed, and we believe we’re picking up the momentum needed to achieve it.

For us to keep moving forward, we need those who haven’t tried us to give us a shot. We know we can do more to help, and we need your honest feedback to help shape the next phase of small business insurance. We have a lot of new products and portal features planned this year, and we want you to join us on the ride.Are you interested in taking your business and your small business clients to the next level? Connect with Attune, and get your first commercial quote in minutes.