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Hiscox 101: Binding GL&PL on Attune

Hiscox General & Professional Liability POLICY basics

Interested in binding a Hiscox Professional or General Liability insurance policy through Attune? Below are some basics about Hiscox and Attune, as well as some frequently asked questions we’ve answered to help you get started. 

Monoline Professional Liability Insurance, PL (or E&O)

Coverage for errors and omissions that occur or are alleged to have occurred in the course of providing professional services:

  • Claims of negligence, even if your client hasn’t made a mistake
  • Claims for libel and slander arising from your client’s services
  • Retroactive date equals existing policy retroactive date if switching
  • Awarded damages and legal defense costs
  • Punitive damages up to $250,000 where allowed by law
  • Services done by your client’s employees, temporary staff and independent contractors covered
  • $200,000 copyright infringement coverage for most marketing and graphic/web design classes
  • Up to $2 million aggregate limit online ($5 million on request)
  • Various deductible options ranging from $0 to $10,000
  • Coverage starts from $270 per year 

Coverage details:

  • Automatic renewal
  • Admitted paper
  • Monoline product
  • Automatic Blanket AI Included*, no charge 
  • *Blanket AI coverage ends once an operation is completed or a lease agreement ends 

Monoline General Liability Insurance, GL 

Coverage for claims of bodily injury, associated medical costs and damage to property on or off premises 

  • Covers liability for property damage or bodily injury to 3rd parties 
  • Covers employees and temporary staff
  • Up to $2 million occurrence limit online ($5 million on request)
  • Defense costs outside limit
  • No deductible in most industries
  • Work from home discount (subject to minimum premium)
  • Coverage starts at $350 a year 
  • $500 premium for Retail, Landscape, Janitorial, and Artisan Contractors 

Optional Add-on: Business Property and Equipment Coverage, BPP

  • Covers loss or damage to compute equipment or contents 
  • Up to $25,000 coverage limit, offered in $5k increments
  • Off-premises sublimit is $2,500 for all professions, Mobile Food ranges $5k - $25k
  • Coverage starts at $135 a year for $5,000 in coverage; $500 deductible 
  • Available after a GL quote is produced 

Coverage details:

  • Automatic renewal
  • Admitted, ISO based form 
  • Monoline product 
  • Start-up friendly 
  • Automatic Blanket AI included - no charge (Blanket AI coverage ends once an operation is complete or a lease agreement ends.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer payment plans? Yes! These are offered and available in the bind flow. 

Do you require signed acord forms or loss runs required to be submitted? No. 

Do I need to request COI information or can we generate our own? Brokers should generate their own COI on binding.

Do you write contractors in NY? No.

Does Hiscox offer excess umbrella coverage? No. 

Would agents be notified of renewals? Yes, renewals are processed automatically and both you and the insured will receive renewal update via email!