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Updating Your AutoPayment Method

In Four Easy Steps!

In Four Easy Steps:

  1. Locate an Attune invoice you’ve received. You can find your most recent invoice by logging into our Attune Portal and clicking “View account invoices.”  For folks who don’t have portal access (such as clients), they can easily find past invoices by searching in their email inbox.
  2. Look to the right and click “View Invoice” on the portal or scroll to the bottom of the email and click on the purple button “View Invoice.”
  3. On the left-hand side should be a button that says “Edit Autopay Method.”
  4. Click that button, re-enter your new payment information, and click “Update Payment Information.” *Please note: if your invoice is overdue, updating your payment method and/or enrolling in autopay may not automatically result in payment being made. Refresh your page to see if the invoice Status has changed to “Paid.”

You’re all done! If you refresh your page, you should now see your updated information on the left-hand side.