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Civil Commotion Loss Prevention Tips

What is civil commotion?

A civil commotion is a public gathering of many (three or more) people that can result in violence, property damage, and public terror.

When it comes to a civil commotion loss prevention plan, loss prevention means more than installing a few security cameras and making sure you lock the doors at night. Here are some steps you can take to ensure your business is protected from potential threats such as vandalism and theft.

Ensure your employees are safe and you can contact them in an emergency.

Without your employees, your business cannot thrive. It’s essential to have safety procedures in place, so your employees know what to do in unsafe and uncertain situations.

In advance of a potential civil commotion, make sure your employees are up to speed with changes to operation hours, closing/opening routines, and scheduling. Make sure you have the correct contact information for your employees should important communication need to go out after hours.

Review your inventory and security system.

A security system with cameras and anti-theft technology can go a long way in the prevention of shoplifting, but when it comes to civil commotion, there are additional steps you can take to limit your exposure to loss or damage:

If your business currently uses a security camera or other anti-theft software, take a few additional moments to ensure everything is working correctly, positioned to see the most of your location, and is visible to the outside.

If you offer high-priced items to your customers, make sure they’re stored away safely (out of sight). If possible, invest in a safe or temporality move these items to a safer location. If you have extra or excess cash at your location, you also may want to consider depositing it in your bank.

Review your business and its possible entryways.

In addition to locking the doors, safe, and windows each night, there are a handful of additional steps you can take to minimize damage to your business from violent demonstrations:

Board up windows and ensure entryways are secure. If there is a civil commotion in your area, boarded-up windows and entrances can minimize debris/damages coming from the outside. Any debris, including dumpsters and garbage, should be moved away from the building before you leave for the day.

Take a moment and triple check everything is safe and secure. Taking an extra five minutes to ensure windows are locked, safe doors are closed, and expensive merchandise is stored away can pay off in the event of property damage or theft.