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Five Flood Insurance Misconceptions from our trusted partner Neptune Flood

Misconception 1: The NFIP is the sole location to get flood insurance

The NFIP is not the only resource for flood insurance. You can also be insured by a private carrier. Neptune Flood is an independent carrier that provides certified flood endorsements to assure complete coverage. The NFIP does not offer certain coverages that Neptune Flood can with additional optional coverages.

Misconception 2: Homeowners are the only ones who can get flood insurance

To be eligible for flood insurance coverage, you do not have to possess a single-family house. Renters who wish to secure their personal goods can get flood insurance. Commercial building owners who wish to safeguard the building and contents of their enterprises can also get flood insurance.

Misconception 3: I should defer buying flood insurance until the rainy season

Some individuals may not consider flood insurance until water levels start to rise and endanger their location, but it’s best to react proactively when it pertains to getting flood insurance coverage. Consider purchasing flood insurance while the weather is dry so that it would be accessible if you encounter flood damages in the future.

Misconception 4: Only those who reside in a flooded area require high-risk flood insurance

In reality, flooding occurs in all 50 U.S. states and has been the most prevalent sort of natural catastrophe. Flooding should be on everyone’s radar across the country. In actuality, one-third of flood aid goes to those who live outside of high-risk flood-prone areas. Keep in mind that it just takes an inch of floodwater to cause expensive damage!

Misconception 5: Floods are only caused by storms

Flooding can occur as a result of dam failure or a differential in water movement below and above ground. Flooding caused by melting snow is one example. As per FEMA, no building is fully protected from possible flooding damage. Even if your property is not in a high-prone flood zone, your mortgage provider may demand it.

By partnering with Neptune Flood, we can provide policies that protect more of your possessions with additional optional coverages including replacement expense, basement contents, detached structures, and more.. With a ten-day waiting period compared to the NFIP’s 30-day waiting period, Neptune can protect your property up to three weeks faster. Our technology has the potential to save you a lot of money, another reason to check out our plans for if flooding strikes. Head to the Attune Portal and check out your Neptune Flood quote today.