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Welcome to the Attune Rewards Program! Take a look at the overview below or login to the portal to see for yourself.

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We want to reward you for helping us build an insurance solution for your small business clients. You now have the opportunity to get gift cards for your Attune activity.  

All you have to do is bind your first policy with Attune to start earning Insurecoins. The Insurecoins that you earn can be cashed out for gift cards to Amazon, Visa, Target and many more!

Annual Reward Tiers

The more you engage, the more you earn! 

$ 0
Annual new business premium
$ 3,500
Annual new business premium
Annual new business premium
Annual new business premium
Coin / Bind
20 coins / bind
30 coins / bind
50 coins / bind
80 coins / bind
Early access to new products
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started? 
1. Log into the Attune Portal
2. Bind a policy and start earning Insurecoins  
3. Click "Rewards" within the portal and enter email address
4. Redeem gift cards and enjoy elevated Attune status
Already a rewards member? 
Awesome! When you login to the portal, you will notice an updated rewards tab showcasing your Recent Activity, Tier Status, Insurecoin Balance. There is no additional registration you need to do if you have already enrolled.
How do I earn insurecoins?
Every time you quote and bind with Attune, you earn Insurecoins. The amount of each Insurecoin is based on your Tier: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.
Is there a maximum amount that can be earned?
There is no cap to this program.
I have questions, who should I reach out to?
Your Account Manager at Attune, our customer care team or shoot an email over to to help answer questions.

We're Excited to Partner

Whether you were a part of our old rewards program or you are new, we are excited for you to join us!

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